About us

Talented Teen Club (TTC) has a rich history of community involvement spanning over the years. We have been known to produce members of impeccable character and a firm belief in unselfish service to others. TTC has strived tirelessly to shape and mold teenagers and young adults, by nurturing their minds and bodies with Godly words and a mix of various community service events.

TTC provided a variety of programs which include volunteer services , Hands on Mentor, Track and Field , Miss Beautiful, Mr Gentleman , Summer camp and Gift for Teens.

Talented Teen Club is a solution to one of the most critical problems facing Florida Schools- -. Dropouts

Board of Directors

Shawn Ho-Hing King

Shawn Ho-Hing-King, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Talented Teen Club (TTC)

Randall King

Director of Track & Field

Judy-ann Johnson


Nordene Dixon


Apolone Keaton


Tanya Johnson, M.Ed


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